Company Profile

“JOHN GIOXAS & Co. S.A.” was formed in 2002 with the concept of being among the leading Greek companies that represent, import, stock and distribute Industrial and Marine Equipment, such as Pipes, Pipe Fittings and Valves for a wide range of applications in water, air, steam, gas, fuel, chemical lines, etc.

The management’s and staff’s long experience, the continuous research for materials of up-to-date technology as well as the cooperation with highest quality manufacturers are the fundamental principles on our commercial structure.

Our main priority is the excellent relationship with the customers which is based, among others, on our prompt reaction, on our wide product range, the high standards and, last but not least the cost effectiveness.

Our commercial philosophy meets reality in the every-day business with a permanent stock of about 4 million euros, kept in modern warehouses covering about 6.000 m2. Furthermore, our excellent human resources with perfect knowledge and their experience throughout the years, are able and willing to promptly react in any inquiry, by offering the right and most cost effective solution.

Moreover, important role in our scope play our long-lasting and strong relations with the most reliable manufacturers, makers and brands all over the world.

Several companies of the Marine, Industrial, and Contractor’s sector have trusted our products and services during maintenance and repairing or when materializing new projects.

Waiting your inquiry, we would be glad to be of service to you!