Quality Policy

The company IOANNIS GIOXAS AND ASSOCIATES SA has been active for decades and has grown into industrial and marine plumbing.

It is a modern and dynamic company that, in its years of operation, has made great strides, acquiring excellent know-how and developing important collaborations throughout Greece and beyond.

The company IOANNIS GIOXAS AND ASSOCIATES SA undertakes to implement an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System based on:

• The relationship of mutual trust he has developed with his clients

• The systematic exploitation of the proposals and the observations of customers and partners in order to achieve the continuous improvement of the products and services provided

Within the framework of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System implemented by the company, are installed and monitored systematically, the company's objective is to:

• Maintains High Reliability of the Most Important Suppliers

• It is consistent but also directly in customer service

• Maintains Customer Satisfaction at High Levels

• It covers the legislative and regulatory requirements for its products

• Constantly improving its Quality System

The company's management understands its quality policy for employees and external stakeholders:

• Identifying in detail the responsibilities and responsibilities of each employee in his daily work

• Providing ongoing and systematic training to all the company's personnel on quality issues and issues related to day-to-day work

• With daily contacts with all employees for issues that concern themselves, business and customers