The demand of almost all the Industrial Units is the luck of any damages, unscheduled maintenance and repair actions, which often put the production lines out of service for small or long periods of time.
As a result, the Industry demands high quality products coming from well-known brands, where leak tightness, longevity, consistent performance and reliability are paramount. Of course, in no way this means that during the selection, the financial criteria as well as their cost effectiveness, can be ignored.
Our company is trusted by all kind of Industrial Areas such as:
·     Iron and Steel industries
·     Paper mills
·     Chemical and petrochemical industries
·     Dairy
·     Mining
·     Paint industries
·     Tobacco industries
·     Textile industries
Some of the materials provided to Industries are:
·         Seamless & Welded Stainless Steel pipes acc. to ASTM, ASME, ANSI & DIN in several dimensions, including the respective connecting material.
·         Seamless & Welded Carbon Steel pipes along with the respective connecting material
·         Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Bellow sealed Valves, Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves, manually operated or with pneumatic/electric actuators, Non-Return Valves of various types depending on their application, Strainers, etc.
        Valves made of cast iron, bronze, cast steel, and stainless steel, with flanged, threaded or welded ends.
·         Complete product range for steam application, with exclusive cooperation with TLV Co. Ltd/Japan, such as all types of Steam Traps,Pressure Reducing Valves with a very wide pressure range, Safety Relief Valves, Condensate Pumps.
·         Temperature Control Valves, Expansion Joints, Level Indicators
·         Control Instruments, Flowmeters, Manometers, Thermometers.