Building & Construction project

Every building has its engineering facilities and mechanical installation. Independently, if it regards an office building, a hospital, a hotel, a stadium, a mall or an airport, each building is necessary to have water, drainage, gas, firefighting, air-conditioning lines, etc.
Our company, with a large variety of ex-stock material, is able to meet promptly and in full coverage any inquiry. With alternative suggestions, where needed, we always try to meet the best solution for every application.
Some representative materials found in buildings are:
·         Welded Carbon Steel pipes black and galvanized with plain, threaded or grooved ends, acc. to EN 10255/DIN 2440
·         Seamless Carbon steel pipes acc. to DIN 2448/1629 and ASTM/ASME/ANSI
·         Connecting Material with butt weld, threaded or grooved ends
·         Stop Valves such as Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly Valves, in several materials and ends
·         Non Return Valves Swing, Double Door, Ball and Piston type
·         Strainers, Safety Valves, Air Vents
·         Control Valves for Heating - A/C, Control Instruments, Pressure Regulators, Manometers, Thermometers.