Ø            DIN – standards
w        Nominal Pressure & Specifications
Slip On: DIN2576 (PN10/PN16)
Welding Neck DIN2632 (PN10) -DIN2633 (PN16)
                       DIN2634 (PN25) - DIN2635 (PN40)
                       DIN2636 (PN64)
Blind: IN2527 PN10, PN16,PN25
w         Surface Finishes:FF(flat face) , Raised face
w         Material: ST37.2, C22, SS316L, SS304L, Alloy Steel.
Ø            ANSI/ASME– standards
w         Specification - Design: ANSI / ASME B16.5
                                                     B36.10, Β316,19
w        Pressure Class:150LBS,300LBS,600LBS
w        DesignWelding Neck
                     Slip On
                     Socket Wel
                     Orifice Flanges, Spectacle Blind, Fig-8
w        Surface Finishes: RF, FF, RTJ
w        Material: ASTM A105, A181GrI, SS316L, SS304L
                              Alloy Steel.
Ø            JIS– standards
w      Specification - Design: JISB2220-KSB1503
w      Pressure Class:JIS 5K, JIS10K, JIS 16K, JIS 20K
w      Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel  SS316L, SS304L
Ø            Other Specifications
w      Hydraulic Flanges SAE 3000LBS and
      SAE 6000LBS, CS and SS
w      Aluminum flanges for Lap Joint.